Luxurious Glitter Bar

The Redfords recommend checking out Luxurious Glitter. A Luxurious glitter bar that is  all-out eco friendly,  available in Kent, Essex and all sounding areas. Claire aka the glitter is boss of an amazing team of fairies. Fairies that glam up  your guests and get them sparkly and Glamtastically excited to hit the dance floor already dancing.

The glitter we use

It goes without saying that we all love glitter. We’re also pretty conscious about the impact standard glitter has on the environment. All of the glitter we use is eco friendly. It’s made using plant-based cellulose film  and it’s all biodegradable – it literally starts breaking down as soon as it hits the earth.

What’s a glitter bar?

Not everyone has heard of a glitter bar as it’s quite a new and emerging trend on the wedding scene. It’s a question we’re often asked at wedding fairs, so it’s always a good one to start with.

Our glitter bar is an alternative wedding entertainment idea for couples and their evening guests. We also glitter other events – parties, festivals, hen dos, you name it! Basically, if you’re after professional glitter for your guests, you can hire us in to come along and bring the sparkle!

What you get

You get two of our super talented glitter fairies, all glittered up and keen to get everyone ready to party. We bring our fabulous sequined backdrop, table of sparkly goodies and our director’s chairs. We’ve got a full range of bright and dazzling eco glitters and a selection of re-usable gems. And we must stress that these are reusable! We recommend they’re taken home and rinsed, so they are  ready to reapply at any time with a little additional glitter. Tip: A little dab of eyelash glue will get them back in place instantly. You may have also noticed that we LOVE emphasising all our designs with a splash of neon face paint, too!

Bespoke Luxurious Glitter designs

It brings us so much joy when we see party guests getting really into our glitter! We go all out for all our party guests to give them the glitter service they deserve, too. From subtle glitter freckles and colourful crescents to out-there chest pieces, glitter beards, bracelets and gem garters – it really never ceases to amaze us what we’ll glitter next.

Guests absolutely love a Luxurious glitter bar – and some really surprise us! The atmosphere around the bar buzzes and everyone – aunts, uncles, grans and grandads – get involved and are usually the ones coming right out of their shell, competing for the biggest and boldest designs – it’s so much fun.

Once we’re in the groove, the dance floor starts getting busy and looks amazing as everyone’s ready to rave on fully adorned with glitter and gems.

Packing down the Luxurious glitter bar

One of the greatest things about hiring in the professionals and something we’re proud to have had feedback on is our set up and pack down service. We cover everything. We set up the glitter bar, keep everything tidy as we go and clean up after ourselves – just like the fairies have well and truly been! No tidying up DIY glitter bars in the evening or morning after.

So, that’s us. If you’re looking for something different, something for your guests to have a bit of fun with during the evening, some festival vibes or just some sparkle (because who doesn’t just want that?) then give us a shout!