The Redfords and Toastmasters Kent

The Redfords and Toastmasters Kent have worked together many times.  Founders John & Lesley are both Registrars at the Medway Register Office. The band have always found them to be friendly and approachable. When you meet them we’re sure you will agree. Contact them at Toastmasters Kent 

Established Toastmasters

Both John and Lesley have been established Toastmasters for 18 years. They’ve presided at weddings, corporate events, product launches, City of London livery dinners, Ladies nights, fashion shows and awards ceremonies all around the country.

Fully Qualified

John and Lesley were both trained by the former chairmen of the National Toastmasters Association. They learnt about the traditions of weddings and other functions to be able to control any event. They are up to speed with the protocols for all different types of occasions. Even how the expression to “toast someone” came about and why uniform the became a red jacket.

What a toastmaster does at a wedding

The toastmaster will co-ordinate the day to ensure that all runs smoothly and to time. By taking care to make sure that everyone in the wedding party is relaxed and happy so the day is perfect. This too means being an organiser, coordinator, timekeeper, problem solver, “gopher” and sometimes even a peacemaker!

The Best Man

The best man is a friend of the bridegroom and has the very important role of looking after the bridegroom and, of course, the rings! In most cases he will have little experience of holding a wedding together. Even when he tries to get things organised the guests are likely to ignore him because he doesn’t stand out from the guests. He also has the most important task of doing his speech and enjoying the day along with friends and family.


John and Lesley said “We love being involved with people and playing a small part in ensuring that our couples have the best day possible. It is extremely fulfilling to know that we have helped to make the day happy, successful, and memorable.”


Highlights vary with each wedding as they are all unique, but the satisfaction when leaving the event for us is going home at the end of the day knowing that our couples, their friends and family’s have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we have played a part in ensuring that outcome.

The Red Jacket

We have officiated at over a thousand weddings and know how to coordinate and control them with good humour and professionalism without being overbearing or “Bossy”.  Wearing our traditional uniform of bright red jacket helps and adds extra style and dignity to this very special day. The red jacket also show guests that we are an obvious point of contact for all question without having to bother the couple.

Favourite Personal Touch

John said “There are many, but a balloon launch for a brides recently deceased mother was very moving, and a speech from a little boy welcoming his new stepdad to the family was lovely” .

Lesley said “I pride myself on having many useful items in my bag. I’ve had to lend braces to the father of the bride, who turned up in his suit with no way of holding the trousers up! Also I’ve had to use superglue to glue the uppers and sole of shoes twice. Once for the best man.  Once for the bridegrooms mum. I carry sewing kit, spare tights, cufflinks and I’m alway ready to assist.”

Typical process with a couple?

Our Initial consultation is of course, without obligation. Ongoing advice and support is free anytime leading up to the big day. In the week before the wedding we talk with the couple to ensure that everything is in place. We have many years of experience in all aspects weddings which may have not been considered.

Number One Tips

Talk to any wedding professional you are thinking of employing. Do not just rely on price or recommendations. Make sure that there is no clash of personalities that can spoil your day. We love what we do and want you to have the perfect day, so our style has to fit in with you. Book your venue as soon as you know where you would like your wedding.

The Redfords and Toastmasters Kent absolutely agree about talking with wedding professionals before booking,